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We are excited to have Grindline Skateparks at the helm designing our park!  Check them out!

Grindline Skateparks is a multi-talented team of Skateboard Park Designers, Concrete Craftsmen, Construction Managers and Professional Skateboarders dedicated to producing creative solutions to the challenges facing present and future skatepark facilities. Grindline strives to think outside the box in a fully collaborative approach to each and every project we undertake. From small $25,000 skate dots that we have done for communities like Vancouver, WA all the way to the world class $2,000,000 facility we just completed for the city of Houston, we are constantly setting the bar for the future of skatepark design and construction. As the industry leader we have designed and sculpted thousands of tons of concrete into progressive, forward thinking, world class skatepark facilities that appeal to a wide skill set of skateboarders and continually evolve the art of concrete Skatepark architecture.

Founded in 1990, Grindline has designed and built hundreds of skateparks to date, from Orcas Island in Washington State to the island of Okinawa in Japan and this gives us an intimate understanding of concrete and its complexities as well as all other phases of skatepark construction. We leverage this experience in to creating more efficient, progressive designs that provide more skatepark for less money, benefiting the client and end user in the long run. Our design and construction crews are comprised of professional-level skateboarders who have toured around the globe and collectively skated every major skate facility. The 100+ combined years of skatepark design and construction experience that the Grindline crew brings to each job ensures that every project we undertake is of the highest quality in terms of Craftsmanship, Safety, and progressive, engaging Design.

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