Skateboard Camps

For first time, beginner and intermediate skaters.

ATS provides weeklong Summer Camps and Winter Camps, as well as many Day Camps for ages 5-12 throughout the year. These camps focus on creating a fun and positive environment where we facilitate individual growth through group lessons.

Upcoming Camps:

An example day consists of *

9:00- 9:30 |  AM drop off time

9:30  |  circle time – introductions and set goals

9:30-10:15  |  learning/reaching goals

10:15  |  water break

10:20-11:00  |  learning

11:00-11:20  |  lunch break

11:20-12:00  |  more learning/reaching goals

12:00-12:30  |  showcase (perform what we learned for the class).

12:30-1:30  |  break time, open skate

1:00- 1:30 |  AM pick up/PM drop off time

1:30  |  Circle Time – introductions and set goals

1:30-2:15  |  learning/reaching goals

2:15  |  water break

2:20-3:00  |  learning

3:00-3:20  |  lunch/snack break

3:20-4:00  |  more learning/reaching goals

4:00-4:30  |  second showcase (perform what we learned for the class)

4:30  |  pick up


*exact times can vary by location


  • Please bring a water bottle. We have a cold water tap to refill bottles.
  • Please pack your kiddo a good lunch, especially if they’re here for the all-day session. We do have vending machines for snacks or drinks, but we’d prefer the kids to have a bit more wholesome food.
  • Please make sure your kid is wearing comfortable clothing and shoes (VANS, Converse, or Adidas are best)
  • We have skateboards and pads that are included with our camp if needed.

Note: Kids under 8 cannot do full day camps (we may make exceptions but we must have had at least one private lesson prior).


To receive a full refund, we require a minimum of two-week notice (14 days) from the start of the camp date. We may offer a partial refund on a case-by-case base if a cancellation occurs with less than two weeks’ notice.


A participant may request to transfer to another camp with available space. If transferring from one camp to another, the transfer must be made at the same time as the cancellation and for the same participant.

No transfers will be given if requested with less than fourteen (14) calendar days from the start of the camp date, not including the first day of camp.

Those who experience illness or family emergencies will be encouraged to transfer registration to a future camp, but full refund exceptions can be made.

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