Skatepark Rules & Waiver


A waiver must be signed on-site in order to skate the park. If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian must sign the waiver at the skatepark in-front of the working All Together Skatepark staff member. Once the waiver has been complete, we will have this on file for the next to you come skate. Here is a downloadable ATS Waiver : SkatePark User Acknowledgement and Release Agreement (Final)

Skatepark Rules – All Together Skatepark

– Use of skatepark facilities is at your own risk

– No skating without a signed release agreement & payment of entry fee

– No food or beverages on skating area, features & surfaces

– You must skate under control at all times

– Skaters 18 and over – helmets and elbow, wrist & knee pads suggested, but not required

– Skaters 17 and under- helmets required & elbow, wrist, and knee pads suggested

– Bags/backpacks are subject to search, and must be stored in spectator viewing area

– No alcohol, drugs, or smoking allowed

– Skaters must abide by these skatepark rules and follow the direction of the floor staff at all times.

– The floor staff’s decisions are final.

– Fighting, intentional damage or vandalism to the facility or the personal property of others, or violation of these skatepark rules will result in a revocation of use privileges and immediate eviction from skatepark premisies with no refund of entry fee or other payment.

– Reckless or aggressive conduct, horseplay, foul language or any inappropriate behavior, as determined by skatepark staff in their sole discretion, will not be tolerated and may result in your loss of skatepark privileges and immediate eviction from skatepark premises with no refund of entry fee or other payment.