A Seattle skateboard team

Yep, we’ve got a Skateboard team

Set goals, learn tricks, gain confidence and make friends!

ParkrATS is an all inclusive team/club that practices once a week for two hours with ATS counselors and volunteers.

  • Junior Varsity (JV) practices every Monday from 5-7 for 3 months at a time.  JV focuses on beginners that are just getting started or intermediate skaters that are still needing assistance with basic maneuvers.
  • Varsity (V) practices every Sunday from 5-7 and we focus more on intermediate/advanced moves; less hand holding and more coach/counselor participation with the skaters.  We set goals and aim to learn new tricks.

There is no test as to which night your child should join.

Beginners are welcome on Sundays if they want to skate with more advanced skaters and push their limits. Advanced skaters can participate on Mondays if they don’t mind some novices getting in their way. We understand that schedules may not work with certain days, so we are flexible.

Drop in sessions ($30) are depending on availability – please give us a call to ensure there’s availability. The full camp is $400 and will be prorated depending on when they join.


Join The Team

When we practice

Both teams join in skate community on a weekly basis. We learn new tricks, catch up on our day-to-day, and roll around on four wheels together.

Varsity Team:

5pm - 7pm

Jr. Varsity Team:

5pm - 7pm

Cost to Join:

Fall Season
$400 + tax
Winter Season
$400 + tax
Spring Season
$400 + tax

Drop-In Sessions (depending on availability):