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ParkrATS provides scheduled, organized skate practice where we focus on weekly goals, trick advancement, and fun. We highly recommended that kids take a lesson or attend a camp before participating in ParkrATS.

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Set goals, learn tricks, gain confidence, and make friends!

ParkrATS is an all-inclusive team/club that meets every Sunday from 10 am- 12 pm three months at a time.

$300 for the full 3-month program, prorating available depending on start date.

Drop-in sessions are $30 depending on availability – please give us a call to ensure there’s space.

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When we practice

Winter Season 2023: Sundays
5pm - 7pm
10am - 12pm

Cost to Join:

Fall Season | September-November
$300 + tax
Winter Season | January-March
$300 + tax
Spring Season | April-June
$300 + tax

Drop-In Sessions (depending on availability):