All Together Skatepark is Seattle’s only indoor skatepark.

A fun, friendly and positive skateboarding experience for all ages with a focus on creating strong connections with the youth. There is something for everyone and all ability levels.

History // The location of ATS is in Fremont in what used to be Inner Space—the last indoor skatepark in Seattle. Inner Space, founded in 2003, was once a popular and beloved gathering place for the Seattle skateboard scene. Unfortunately, Inner Space was shut down in February of 2012 due to its inability to bring in enough revenue to keep it open. Many have been hoping and speculating about the re-opening of this space for Seattle skateboarders, and the time has finally come!

The Project // Skateboarders need an indoor park to call home in Seattle because let’s be honest—it rains a lot here. We are creating a fun, friendly and positive skateboarding experience for all ages with a focus on creating strong connections with youth. Together with our community and our industry we are the only indoor skate park in Seattle. The perfect balance lies at the intersection of building community, creating a positive place for skaters of all ages, and driving sales of companies that get behind the park both near and long term

Park Layout:

A good mix of street and transition, the 6,900sq. ft. park features everything from ledges, manual pads, quarter pipes, banks, stairs, rails, and a vert wall. All Together Skatepark is built by Grindline Skateparks Inc., and includes the world’s leading manufacturer of ramp surfaces, Skatelite.

Grindline Skateparks is a multi-talented team of Skateboard Park Designers, Concrete Craftsmen, Construction Managers and Professional Skateboarders dedicated to producing creative solutions to the challenges facing present and future skatepark facilities. Grindline strives to think outside the box in a fully collaborative approach to each and every project we undertake. From small $25,000 skate dots that we have done for communities like Vancouver, WA all the way to the world class $2,000,000 facility we just completed for the city of Houston, we are constantly setting the bar for the future of skatepark design and construction. As the industry leader we have designed and sculpted thousands of tons of concrete into progressive, forward thinking, world class skatepark facilities that appeal to a wide skill set of skateboarders and continually evolve the art of concrete Skatepark architecture.